TouchOne Keyboard - Dedicated Smartwatch Keyboard

TouchOne Keyboard - Dedicated Smartwatch Keyboard

TouchOne Keyboard – Touch All

The TouchOne keyboard is a revolutionary dedicated smartwatch keyboard that has been designed to work on all smartwatch devices. The unique design of the TouchOne keyboard can be implemented onto a circular or square interface.

Do you have or will have a smartwatch?

This dedicated smartwatch keyboard app will save you minutes and will be the best companion app for your smartwatch. Best of all, is cheap and easy, with only $5 AUD you can support (buy) this app that is currently at Kisckstarter. BACK THIS PROJECT

How can you write in a smartwatch?

Isn´t easy fit 108 keys on a 1.3 inch watch face. That´s why TouchOne was invented.

Here is the video where JingTao, TouchOne Ceo, explain all about this keyboard App:

Now let´s see some video examples of TouchOne dedicated smartwatch keyboard app running on some well known smartwatches:

Dedicated for small screens

  • 8 Keys in total
  • Minimum screen size down to 3cm/1.18 inches
  • Large text display and large candidate view
  • Compatible with most of Android Smartwatches (including Moto 360) in the market, from circular to square

Easy to learn

  • Users familiar with the old mobile T9 keyboard will be able to learn the TouchOne keyboard very quickly
  • Keys are in alphabetical order
  • Learn it in minutes
  • Common gestures are enabled, tap for space, swipe left for backspace, swipe up for shift and swipe down for enter

1) A full keyboard solution. Easily change the keyboard to emoji’s, numbers and puntcuation.

2) Quick typing from the keyboard. Just start typing in the letters of the word you want to input and it will automatically predict the word. Just like the T9 keyboard on the old mobile phones. 

3) Magical gestures from the centre of the screen including simply tapping for space, swiping left for delete, swiping up for shift, and swiping down for enter.

4) Precise typing by holding the selected key to expand the letters for easy selection.

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