Tips To Ethically Market Your Aesthetic Practice During Holiday Season


Tips To Ethically Market Your Aesthetic Practice During Holiday Season

It is again a time when holiday season is fast approaching. People have started to make preparation for the upcoming festivities and holidays. Shopping is on surge as well as demand for the aesthetic treatments. The aesthetic practitioners are adopting different ways to attract the potential patients towards their aesthetic practice. It can actually be an amazing time of the year to boost your aesthetic practice and engage tremendous number of target audience through right practices.

Holiday season is the fascinating time of the year to attract the attention of your patients through the holiday offers, themes and campaigns. This gives a personal feeling to the potential patients that you care about them and participating in the celebrations.

As a trained aesthetic practitioner, you have many opportunities to market your business in the holiday festivities. There are many non-surgical aesthetic treatments that you can ethically and effectively market through various sources. However, remember that you should have the proper training in dermal filler and botox courses as these are the hot treatments with high demand during the holiday season.

If you have not yet considered training in dermal filler and botox courses, you should consider it now. These are the minimally invasive treatments that are quick to learn and administer. So getting training is easy but you need to choose the established cosmetic training institute to receive the training to learn effective administration with minimal downtime and side effects.

Tips for marketing your aesthetic practice

Here are some of the highly useful tips and tricks to market your aesthetic practice in an ethical way. These tips will help you to boost your aesthetic business and attract large number of new clients through your doors.

YouTube is one of the most widespread sources of sharing and watching funny and creative videos that everyone has access to. The holiday season is an ideal time to create a video in order to share holiday merriment with your patients, and to create forever happiness all year round. There is no need of a fancy production either, just take out the smartphone and start recording. Then ask your acquaintances in the social circle to join you on this promotional forum.

Who don’t want to have a free calendar? It is good to create your own calendar to ensure that all of the patients get a personalized calendar, provide them discount coupons to select their free calendar.

Start marketing the event few weeks before by declaring it on your social media platforms and blog, and to your patients by email formally. Even if the patients don’t have access to any of them, then create a name as a supposed leader in your arena. Host a chat in which you discuss the aesthetic treatments which your patients could take before the holiday season to achieve younger and beautiful looks in quick manner with minimal downtime.

Customer active participation is an influential way to involve people in the business and pictures are the additional aspect. Adding the both into a photo contest competition, you have a match made in promotional holiday season. You can ask your patients to post their before and after pictures of aesthetic treatment which they received from your clinic. The winner shall be awarded with a healthy give away prize. Such as, you can put a discounted botox treatment as give away for the winner of the contest or offer a free top-up treatment.

A perfect method of sharing healthy holiday tips with your concerned patients is to create a guide e-book for them, which they can download from the website or the social media page. Dividing the eBook topics into blog posts to post all over the holiday season is an added option. Involve your acquaintances to add chapters in that guide book or finding the best writer in your team and give them a great chance to involve in this artistic project.

Send a holiday Email Campaign

Today, Email is one of the most influential techniques to promote the services. It performs consistently better than any other forums. If you like the concept of sharing  skincare and aesthetic procedure suggestions with the patients this holiday season, but don’t want to make guide eBook, then you can put your tips into a series of emails.

Everyone loves emotional stories as it touches their hearts. If you have emotional stories of patients who took benefit of your aesthetic treatments and regained their confidence, share them. Constitute them into a small storybook to share it with patients. It’s a present that they will never forget.

Make a holiday-related blog series

If you want to be different from other businesses, then you must work hard to keep your blog complete with exciting stories that your patients want to read. Now it is the ideal time of the year to point your story series and write different new blog posts.

Think like Google

Have you ever searched on Google just to see the current themed version of its logo? Copy Google this season and create a holiday-themed logo on individuals’ website. Or you can even enhance and create a complete winter fairy land view around your logo. To add traction, put your holiday design on all of your social media forums, as well and ask for comments of your patients about the holiday design.

Promote a holiday giving campaign

Run a promotional holiday season campaign to help the underprivileged people of the community. You can promote the particular aesthetic treatment by putting an ad that a part of the earning will be given to a certain cause or charity. The campaign will bring good joyfulness to everyone who visits your practice as well as to the institute receiving your donations.

When making discounts and promotional deals, you may want to consider only offering advertisings on non-invasive aesthetic treatments. This can only be treated after a full session, so not to give the sense of determination that may seem to add pressure for patients to reserve treatments.

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  • Write your Own Holiday story

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