That Result in The Failure of a Startup?

that result in the failure of a startup?

Things I personally have learned in the past 2 years that result in the failure of a startup?

When it comes to a startup, you can see that in past couple of years there has been like millions of startups popping up on the internet and the world. On one side it’s good for all of the people because every time they are launched, they have the potential to make a change.

Past Two years, I have spend working for an Educational Startup Based in Indonesia. Through out this journey learned lots of stuff from it and as of now I’m still their Lead Developer and CTO. While working for them we started from like zero, with out any office, even without any official name at first. 

It took us 1 whole year to understand what do we want to do for this country and which gap can we fill with our startup. After spending and developing different kinds of modules (plans) we finally discovered that the main thing this current education department lacks is Quality and Student Friendly online environment. 

The first mistake everyone makes is not making proper Plan of Action for their startup. Same thing happened to our startup, we started huge but in the first 2-3 months we lost track. We found ourselves lost.

Second biggest mistake is considering the work of your Rivals too early. When we first launched this startup, we already had a really big rival and as a developer I always studies their websites and try to get as more information as I can but the own of my company, oh boy Oh boy he had an ego of and elephant! Like he just started comparing our small company with like million-dollar company. As a startup you have to user stand that you are in your early stages and you have to work your way up. Comparing yourselves and taunting your founding members won’t make it easy for you.

Third mistake any startup makes is not understanding their user. When we started this Educational Startup, my first priority as a developer was to make sure that every student that visits our website can easily understand how things work and don’t need to have any sort of computer knowledge required to operate the website.

Fourth and the Biggest Mistake is not properly managing the Support Section. When you are starting up a small company you should remember that your user response matters and personally as we were a small startup, I had the duty to manage Both the Development side + the Enrollment Side (Enrolling Students) + Providing them 24/7 Support. I have seen multibillion-dollar companies with shitty support system. 

When I was on this startup’s Support, my first priority was to never be mad at the students and always help them even if the question is crap. You have to respect them in order to gain respect. I have even helped like hundred of students with their personal technical issues they were facing and wasn’t able to find the solution. As a result, when our first eLearning Session ended and we collected the feedback oh by they liked me more than the teachers.

Like we make a poll, with all of the team members name on it and I had over 3000 votes as compared to 500 of the teachers. 

Conclusion is to always understand your user, never consider them out of any of your upcoming plans and make sure to always encourage your employees. They are the power of your Startup. Not you!

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