Sleep Apnea Treatment 4 Ways To Cure Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment 4 Ways To Cure Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea in general is said to be the factor that can affect your health and quality of life. To tell you the truth, people with sleep apnea is said to be the usual victims of car accidents. This type of sleep disorder is very common for males and older people. The reason is very simple. Since, males are naturally born with narrower throat; they have a great chance or snoring habitually. In addition to that, age factor is also a big factor of having sleep apnea simply because as you reach higher age your throat becomes narrower and narrower.

Well, the number one cause of snoring of sleep apnea is the physical blocking of air passages so the air will not circulates and triggers snoring to happen. The first factor that causes blockage in the air passages is obesity. Obviously if you are overweight, the formation of fats tends to happen especially throughout the neck and throat which can therefore triggers you to snores habitually. Another factor that causes sleep apnea is smoking and drinking alcohol. The smoke from the cigarette causes air blockage to the airways because of the nicotine content which can trigger a person to snores. On the other hand we all know that alcohol is a stimulant that brings relaxation for our muscles. However, this can be another cause of having sleep apnea simply because when the muscles are relax the air will not circulate and therefore tend to create unpleasant sound.

There is a sleep apnea treatment called oral appliance which is said to be effective in curing sleep apnea. This involves reposition of the lower jaw and the tongue so that the air will circulates well. There are also oral appliances that help in preventing the tongue from falling; this type of oral appliance is often called as MAD or Manibular Advancement device. In the event that you find oral appliances not working, maybe you will undergo certain operations such as UPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty).

Aside from air appliances, there are also several types of surgery for sleep apnea. So, in the event that the usual sleep apnea treatment is not working maybe its time for you to undergo minor operations and spend couple of dollars to pay for it. UPPP or the often called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a common type of surgery that removes redundant tissues that block the airways including tonsils, uvula and adenoids. But then, in the modern world Laser assisted Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is now implemented in some countries. This procedure involves laser to remove the excess fats and shorten uvula that hangs at the back of the throat.

Well, if you want to succeed in sleep apnea treatment, then don’t just rely on devices or treatment. Hence, you have to do several changes in your lifestyle which you think is bad to your heath. In the event that you keep on smoking or drinking then better stop it or control is if necessary. But then, if you notice some changes regarding your weight then better do some exercises which may help in reducing fats from your body. It is also advices to have a check up with your doctor regularly. You know there’s nothing wrong with sleep apnea treatment. Actually, in this way, you can guarantee strong relationship with your spouse as well as you can sleep well.

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