How to Stay Fit During the Winter

How to Stay Fit During the Winter


When the colder weather rolls in, finding the motivation to go running is difficult for most of us. It’s hard to stay fit during this time when our normally enjoyable outdoor jogs become too cold, hard-to-breathe trudges and we would rather curl up in bed with a book than exercise.

Luckily, there are ways to stay in shape during these hard winter months when the sun isn’t out quite as often. We have two options: work out indoors or embrace the cold and participate in fun winter specific activities. Here are some good alternatives to outdoor jogs in the winter.

Hit the Indoors

Join a gym. Winter is the perfect time to invest in a gym membership. They provide the equipment; all you have to do is show up. And memberships today are often flexible enough that you can get out of them easily when the spring hits.

Play sports. There are many indoor sports to choose from: indoor soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. You can pretty much pick a sport and go for it. Have you explored all the local gyms in your area? Try schools and churches, which often have gyms that can be used, with the right connection. Some prefer to join a league.

Pick up jump roping. Jump roping is one of the healthiest activities for you. Vigorous jump roping is a high calorie burner and you can jump rope just about anywhere, making it ideal for completing a quick indoor workout session.

Here are some jump rope workouts we like:

Embrace the Cold

Hit the slopes. Nothing is prettier than mountains covered in snow so take advantage! Winter months are a great time to experiment with skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing; all great ways to burn calories and build muscle.

Try ice-skating for a change. Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor ice rinks and pick up ice-skating. Skating is easy on your joints, but still very efficient for increasing your heart rate.

Play in the snow. If you can’t quite find the motivation to work out, try playing instead. Go outside and make snow angels, build snowmen, or have a snowball fight. Playing in the snow is better cardio than you might think!


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