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Career coaching is a very interesting career which an expert in any field can pursue as their professional career. You can take example of baseball. You can easily understand what I am trying to say. A perfect baseball player can really work efficiently on the post of team coach of baseball. I believe you now get the point which I was trying to explain.

There is almost every field that requires coach. Either it is education or sports, coaches are required everywhere. Every young gun in any field requires a coach who can extract his talent and take him to the top. All the players whether they are from baseball, football or basketball all of them respect their coaches. Teachers are also one kind of coaches. And one can easily realize to what extent they are respected.

Types of career coaches

Below I am listing some types of coaches. They are as follows:

If you go in deep in any one of the topic above you will come across many topics. Let us take an example of sports. There are coaches related to each field. I must admit that they are the most respectful personality of the society. They enjoy almost equal status as compared to doctors and engineers. However you will not be surprised to note that doctors and engineers also can sometime be coaches.

What is a coach meant for?

Coaches are really meant for finding the hidden talent among his trainees. His task is to find the talent and groom them to become the stars of tomorrow. You should remember the contribution of all the coaches as far as the performance of the athletes in Olympic was concerned. One who is blamed for bad performance is a coach and who is praised is also a coach.  You can look at different coaches in any field. You can take an example of any field. You will come to only one conclusion that if a coach succeeds to any extent he is termed as great.


It is true that most of the coaches are in this profession for pride. They are really the big guns of the respective field. They enjoy all the taste of life. They are praised, scolded and even sometimes thrown out of the proceeding but they still enjoy their work. Can anyone answer what is the reason behind it? The answer is simple that they are die hard candidate of their respective field.  They really want to serve the society with their skills and experience. In short they are great. However it’s not so that this profession is for experience candidates only. Some professionals are also engaged in this field and are equally successful.

  • School subject coaches.
  • Relationship coaches.
  • Attorney coaches.
  • Retirement coaches.
  • Creativity coaches.
  • Game coaches.
  • Creativity coaches.

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