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When you sit for a simple interview, you might give wrong answers and the outcome will be only confined to the interview room. However as far as media interview is concerned all might go completely wrong if you give wrong answers. Even a single wrong answer can end your credibility and will not only harm you but also your company. You really have to prepare for the media interview in best possible way. I will list some tips which you will find easier.

1.Understand the publication

You should understand what topic it covers? Are there any regular columns or sections that will be suitable for your company? You should know about the target audience.

2.Understand the journalist

You should know that what the kinds of articles that the journalist writes are? You should about his style of writing. You must also know whether he has written about your company in the past.

3.Develop a key message point

You should realize what is the key topic point for your interview? What evidence do you have to support your message? What kind of question do you anticipate that journalist might ask from you?

4.Select the keyword

You should understand what are the buzzwords that you will use for your companies? If your prospects were to search on Google then what keywords would you select? What image do you wish to project for your company?

5.Remember the pyramid

Present your information in the manner which journalists like. Always begin with your big point and then flesh out.

6.Never say no comment

One thing I must tell you that you should never say this. Journalist should never feel that you are hiding something from him. This will tie his hands and h will hesitate in writing.

7.Never repeat negative

If your journalist asks a negative question, always answer positively. Avoid being negative.

8.Be honest

You should always be honest and never say any lie to the journalist.

I think that you really want to profit your company and you will do no good if you for the company if you tell a lie. Try to bring out the pros of your company and ask the journalist to write about it. This interview is very risky since even your one single mistake can cost the company its reputation. Hence you should be paying extra caution. If you dont then not only the company will suffer but also you can loose your job. Hence its on you to decide whether you want to get promotion or you want to loos

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