Ginger: Healing Remedy

Ginger is a herbaceous plant from Asia that reached Europe in Roman times, where it was already known for its digestive capacity.

Fresh ginger looks like a gnarled gray brown root, with a whitish pulp, you can keep it for a long time putting the fresh root in a paper bag and then in a tightly closed plastic bag to keep in the fridge, or in a jar vacuum in the dark.

The dried ginger or powdered, has less flavor than fresh, but retains the properties of the fresh one.

The portion used in both curative and food is the root, it aids digestion, especially of proteins and carbohydrates, but also can increase the appetite, stimulating the production of gastric juices due to gingerol, shogaolo and vitamin A, B6 and K that facilitate the absorption of food. Gingerol content in ginger is also an excellent carminative because relaxes the muscles of the intestine and reduces the fermentation, helping to combat flatulence and bloating. Its healing properties gastrointestinal also include the ability to rebalance the bacterial flora in case of diarrhea, and as an antiseptic and antibacterial.

New research in the “Journal of Pain” shows that ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce pain and muscle inflammation, especially after a workout, participants in the 2010 study received 2 grams of ginger for 11 consecutive days by several years, showing that the pain decreases by 13% from the second day. The ginger essential oil can be heated to therapeutic messages, improving circulation and muscle fatigue.

A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger root in water for 15 minutes (with honey or lemon) is as effective as ibuprofen for relieving painful periods cramps and helps fight colds.

Here some recipe with ginger:

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