Eliminate Your Approach Anxiety and Go For Her Fearlessly

Eliminate Your Approach Anxiety and Go For Her Fearlessly

People say that the hardest thing to do is impress a girl on the first date. Well, for many men, the hardest thing is actually getting a date. It is not because they are ugly or dumb, but just because they are too anxious to ask someone out.

This is a very common fear that almost every man faces. In fact, this is the reason why many never actually get a date. They just hope that everything will fall in its right place, and they might get lucky and get a date just like that. Well, it is certainly not how it works.

Being a little anxious is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about it. There are ways in which you can actually eliminate your approach anxiety and along with it the fear of rejection. Below are a few ways in which you can fight your approach anxiety issue. Also, for more advice on dating and relationships simply visit Fixiw.

Three steps to eliminate approach anxiety

Embracing your anxiety:

Getting a little nervous is not a big deal nor does it explain that something is wrong with you. Make peace with your anxiety, and you will feel that it actually helps. For sure you must have seen men who are not at all worried about approaching a girl.

Well, these are the type of men who actually don’t feel a bit about anything at all. For them getting a date or getting rejected is exactly the same thing. On the other hand, if you are anxious it means you actually care and you want it to work. So, see the brighter side of being anxious and be stress free.

Be in the right mindset:

Feeling positive about yourself and being confident is something that helps every time. So, before you approach her say this to yourself “everyone fears something or other”. Try meditating a little before you approach her.

Just take some time, take deep breaths, try being strong, and remember that everything that you do will take you close to her and the success that you have always desired for. Free your mind from all the worries and tensions and that it is all what you need.

Be focused and be positive:

Most men fear approaching a girl because they forecast a future for themselves where something or the other goes wrong. Seriously why do that. If you are imagining something let it be something good and favoring.

Stop worrying about getting rejected, and in worst case scenario even if you are getting rejected, it is not the end of the world. At this point of time all you need to do is be focused and imagine how happy you will feel once she agrees to go out.

So, hopefully these three steps will help you get ahead of your anxiety and fear of rejection. Lastly, dating is a beautiful thing, don’t start it with stress. Try to enjoy every part of it even if it is rejection sometimes.

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Frank Spark is a well-known psychology counselor and this post has been written by him. By visiting their, you could learn more about the Girlfriend Activation System, and building relationship with your girl.


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