Easy Excercises to De-stress | Deep Breathing | Meditation | Stretching

Stress has become an everyday element of our lives with hectic lifestyles. We head home after work hoping to relax but are too wound up to be able to do that.

Deep breathing

Sit on a mat with your legs folded. Keep your back straight.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Make sure you’re breathing in and breathing out rapidly through the nose. Your mouth should be closed.
Increase your speed ultimately reaching five in-and-out cycles in a second.

If you find doing household chores relaxing, give your maid a day off and spend the evening washing dishes and cleaning the house. This is more of a workout than you realize. Sweating it out makes you feel like the stress is running out out of your body.


Sit on a mat with your legs folded. Do this in a secluded room.
Close your eyes and think about a one thing that makes you happy. This could also be a goal you are working towards. Focus on that thought for about 10-15 minutes.
Focusing your thought process on something you like will relax your mind, making you feel happy too.

Concentrating on one movement

Sit on a mat with your legs folded.
Fold your arms behind your back, bend down and try to touch the floor with your head.

You may not be able to do this for the first time. Bend as low as possible till you can eventually achieve your goal.

When you are doing this exercise, your mind is clear of all other thoughts. Your only aim is to succeed in touching the floor and all your energy is concentrated in this direction. You can replace this movement with any yoga pose you are comfortable with and chose to concentrate on that.


Stretching is another easy way to relax. Shrug your shoulders up and down. Then you can cross your left arm across your chest and stretch it using your right hand and repeating the same with your right arm. You can also stand and stoop backwards with your hands on your hips to stretch your back. And then raise your arms straight above your head to stretch your arms and back. Stretching relives muscle tension and make you feel calm and relax.

Circular movements of the eyes or head

Sit on a mat with your legs folded.
Close your eyes and slowly move your eyeballs in a clockwise circle five times. Repeat this in the other direction five times.
You can also follow the same steps for the head.

This gentle exercise loosens the muscles in your eyes and neck, which are the first parts of your body to feel the effects of stress.

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