Century Approach: Education vs Skills

Century Approach: Education vs Skills

Job description:
Project manager. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.

Basic Qualification: A Professional bachelor degree in management, CAMP certification.

There is a perception that higher education invariably leads to higher employment and better jobs. Well, it is not. No doubt “knowledges is a power”. It looks like academic knowledges are not the exact power that employees are looking for. Basically college diploma does not guarantee you a dream job nor even a job specialty.

After interviewing several big employees I came up with idea that, there is a great gap between education credentials and actual individual expertise, which is been expected for. Please get me right, higher education is still important and cannot be considered as a waste of time, but the crucial feature about last decade is that HR managers turn down to the idea, that time spent cultivating your Facebook/LinkedIn network(s) may be a better investment than taking that Finance elective.

Knowledges are refer to learning things through books, encyclopedias, and scholarly journals and such information would be on particular subject and characterizes as a academicals instructions. On the other hand, skills refer to the ability of using that information and applying it in a context. In other words, skills are ability to successful implementation of acquired knowledges. For instance, a marketing manager with MBA degree may have learned all the needed principles for successful launching a new campaign for the brand new product, but only actual successful launching, revenues and benefits will prove his marketing, business and manager’s skills.

There is a hint to all the beginners – begin. Developing professional skills might take awhile, but surely you will benefit soon. Of course, plenty of people were born talented and some skills were inherited. Upon contingent it is important to move ahead and to advance such gifts though academicals knowledges.

Moreover, nowadays, upon internet spread targeting any skills easy than ever. So we come to conclusion that any part of successful employment cannot be aligned.

The other side of the coin is that education system barely different from the system existed 30 – 20 sometimes even 50 years ago. The world has been developing and its demands have been growing or sometimes vanished at all. Decades ago it was important to get kids to know some material, but now world highlights the need not only knowing the information its efficient applying. Teachers are not only claimed to teach, coaching became a requirement as well. Beginning from schools teachers have to cultivate such necessary ability in kids to work in team, resourcefulness as well as overcoming a stressful situation. Of course all of those behaviors must be cultivated within academic tasks.

Summarizing all mentioned above nowadays education system missing essential features and skills to succeed in higher competitive 21 century, in other words only kinds with outstanding gifts inherited or acquired during their life have chance to succeed.

It is well known that 15 per cent of 7% of U.S. college graduates unemployed and nearly 15% under-employed, let’s face it there is a disconnect between academic world and work world.

Lifelong learning is becoming a competitive necessity. Unfortunately, academic education became an essential part of any job requirements; it might be a major one, but surely not the defining one. Once you estimate your strong and weak sides, you have to start to persuade the job you have been dreaming for start to cultivate all the necessary skills to distinguish you from other candidates. You may find the excuses, like academic education requires you to spend too much time in libraries, check this link to save your time and to facilitate the academic process. Living in 21 century does not impose us only with high competitiveness getting a job, but also millions of opportunities to simplify our daily routine, as well as studying. There millions of resource that effectively influence on a student’s life. Who can write my essay who can write my dissertation do have to be a problem question today.

In conclusion I would like to give you few advises on how not to get frustrated looking for you career pass:

  • Accept your reality. Find out your strong and weak sides in a frame of your dream job.
  • Know your own worth. All employees love fighters. You can obviously show all you experience, your skills developed in any area might be applicable in hundred more.
  • Highlight your skills. What we advised in first point is to develop necessary expertise before getting to the job interview, therefore, show your best.
  • Network connection. As I have mentioned above FB and LinkedIn play an important role. Stay in touch with professional groups might help you getting the position you want.
  • Life learning necessity. Never stop learning. Day by day you have to expand your knowledges.


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