Android L : Everything You Need To Know About Android L (Lollipop / Lemon Pie) Features

though it's being called the next major update of Android Ecosystem, I would rather quote Android L as the first ever major overhaul of Android Ecosystem after the first version of Android OS was ever launched.
dive deep into Android L (Lollipop or Lemon Pie) and take a deeper look at some of the best features of Android L.

If you are a proud owner of Nexus 5, then instead of reading this you can experience this version yourself. However since you are here, I would recommend you to take a look at new features, UI changes and optimizations made in Android L.

Features of Android L

The Material Design

the best part of whole package Android L comprises of. Ever since the release of Android, this is the first major change in Android User Interface, replacing and tweaking each and every bit of details. With the launch of Android L, Google is bringing a new Material Design Concept adding a new layer of depth and texture with well-crafted animation at every touch. Needless to say, Android L is an extremely minimalist.

Link (Google Design)

Android L UI is designed in such a way that it tends to draw your attention on what's more important (distinguishing the important part from the rest of the display). Thus Android L amazing UI design gives you a clear understanding of components that move as well as how they will operate.

Google is bringing the material design to insure that apps across platforms perform and operate the same way on every device.

What else does Android L offer?

Android L brand new notification screen is now much more interactive and intelligent than ever before. It gives users the ability to see, expand, and interact with notificationsincluding the ability to respond to messages on any other apps also as well as lock screen directly.

For Security, Android L brings a new Personal Unlocking feature. This feature helps the device to locate friendly location with help of wireless devices around it. Thus if you are in such an area or any device is there which your device recognizes, you can unlock your smartphone by simple swipe. But your device cannot figure out the place as a friendly location, you will have to enter either a secured password or pin or pattern depending upon your setting.

Google hasn't compromised with the performance while enhancing the looks. In fact, Google teamed up with many industry leaders to optimize, refine and increase Android Ls performance. Now Android L uses 64-bit architecture optimized for a wide range of memory and processors. It can also take full advantage of next generation console like graphics for high end kits. Also you get a Kill Switch (yeah, the rumors are true), which allows you to remotely wipe and factory reset your smartphone. Also, Google has promised an enhanced battery life and performance in Android L with an inbuilt Battery Saver mode being talked to provide as much as additional 90 minutes of use.

Android L also brings improvements in audio processing and better imaging technology. Android L now will support the 96kHz sample rates and 24-bit depth. With imaging, now you can save a captured image in DNG format. This is the picture as captured by the lense without image processing software tweaking it. That means now you get the raw data to be customized the way you want.

Summing up, Yeah, Android L is really a big deal in all terms. With the launch scheduled for the fall of this year, every eye are on this and also the upcoming Nexus 6 smartphone running on Android L out of the box with 64bit architecture to be launched side by side. We will be updating you with every detail and piece of info we see or hear buzzing around us.
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